pretty please?

I have a situation where I have to have a cookie that is set
by one apache server and read by another.  They are on the
same domain, but different ports.  To write this I set 
up two webserver one on port 81 and one on 90, the port 81 server
calles setcookie, but in the DOMAIN argument I specified the port
(i.e. "").  but this doesn't work :(
In the cookies file it shows up as ""

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?  Here is the PHP call to setcookie:

setcookie("SITE_RULES[PERM]" , "YES", "time()+2700" , "/$path" , 

$path is the path without the leading /
$URL is the url without the port
$port is the target port 

Any help would be really appreciated.


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