What I'm trying to do is create a multi-user information gathering
system similar to Moreover.com's news gathering system (just much
simpler and not as dynamic).  A JavaScript auto submits to a remote PHP
script.  The PHP script grabs the info from the database then generates
its own JavaScript to send the raw info back to the originating page.
The JavaScript on the originating page parses the returning GET string
and writes the database contents to the screen.
In tests with strings below 2000 characters it works like a charm.
However there may be times when the query will send back VAST amounts of
information back to the originating page.  So I'd like to find a way to
send the information back via the POST method.
The PostToHost function by Rasmus will POST data to a remote host but
does not redirect the client browser.  Perhaps there is a way to modify
this function to work more like what happens with the action=""
attribute when you click the Submit button in a physical form?
Any ideas, concepts, theories and hacks will be greatly appreciated.

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