Hi All,
I have multiple PHP pages and make my connection to the MySQl db in one of
these pages.  When I go to the next one any mysql  commands seem not to work
- it look like the connection to the DB is lost!  I have a feeling this is
to do with persistent connections so here is the relevant parts of the
phpinfo() output.
My question is - what do I have to set and how do I do it so the connection
remains or do I have to reconnect in every php file?? 
MySQL Support   enabled 
Active Persistent Links 0       
Active Links    1       
Client API version      3.23.33 

Directive       Local Value     Master Value    
mysql.allow_persistent  On      On      
mysql.default_host      no value        no value        
mysql.default_password  no value        no value        
mysql.default_port      no value        no value        
mysql.default_socket    no value        no value        
mysql.default_user      no value        no value        
mysql.max_links         Unlimited       Unlimited       
mysql.max_persistent    Unlimited       Unlimited       

Janet Cook

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