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> Hi All,
> I have multiple PHP pages and make my connection to the MySQl 
> db in one of
> these pages.  When I go to the next one any mysql  commands 
> seem not to work
> - it look like the connection to the DB is lost!  I have a 
> feeling this is
> to do with persistent connections so here is the relevant parts of the
> phpinfo() output.
> My question is - what do I have to set and how do I do it so 
> the connection
> remains

You can't -- it doesn't work like that.

 or do I have to reconnect in every php file?? 

Yes -- there is no way to have a connection that persists between scripts.

A persistent connection is only persistent as far as your Web server's connection to 
MySQL is concerned -- the advantage is that the Web server doesn't have to remake the 
connection each time a script demands it.  A non-persistent connection, however, is 
completely dropped when you close it (either explicitly or by default when your script 
terminates), so that subsequent scripts requiring an identical connection have to bear 
the cost of starting up a whole new connection to MySQL.  As far as your script is 
concerned, you can do nothing with persistent connections over and above what you can 
do with non-persistent ones -- the difference is purely in how (often) the server 
makes and breaks the connections.



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