I have the following probably very simple problem.

Basically what I need to do is to collect info from the user
via 4 steps... like a set of <input type(s)> throughout
STEP 1 of 4 ... STEP 4 of 4... etc... submitted to db on

The only problem I have is I need to display <textarea> on
step 3, and once again the same <textarea> on step 4
so that user has another chance to review what s/he's 
written in and on the fifth page all date submitted to db.
The problem though is that it adds slashes, and on the
submission page (page 5) there's like three slashes
for the info collected via <textarea>. Basically, for
instance I submit "I'm Russian" on step 3, by the time
this data reached final step it's "I\\\'m Russian".

How can I overcome this issue? If I avoid putting variable
taken from step 3 to 4th into <textarea name=about_eng>
$about_eng</textarea> and do <input type=hidden name=about_eng
value=about_eng> half of the data gets lost, only first
word from the submitted previously remains...

Hope this was descriptive and hope someone can suggest something.


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