On Thursday, March 14, 2002, at 10:26  AM, Vlad Kulchitski wrote:

> The only problem I have is I need to display <textarea> on
> step 3, and once again the same <textarea> on step 4
> so that user has another chance to review what s/he's
> written in and on the fifth page all date submitted to db.
> The problem though is that it adds slashes, and on the
> submission page (page 5) there's like three slashes
> for the info collected via <textarea>. Basically, for
> instance I submit "I'm Russian" on step 3, by the time
> this data reached final step it's "I\\\'m Russian".

Does the stripslashes() function solve your problem?  I'm interested in 
hearing about it.



Erik Price
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Media Lab, H.H. Brown

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