On Sat, 16 Mar 2002, Edward van Bilderbeek - Bean IT wrote:

> maybe you better use:
> session_unregister("counter");

        I've put that, but it doesn't run. As you can see in the URLs
below, my code is:

if ($id == "logout") { // the user wants logout :(
  else { // user is navigating through our links
    session_register("counter"); // why I recover the previous value here,
                                // even I've clicked logout?
    print "counter: $counter<br/>\n";

> > http://casa.ccp.servidores.net/tutorials/php/sessions/sessions.php and
> > http://casa.ccp.servidores.net/tutorials/php/sessions/sessions.phps you
> > have the web page and the code, respectively.

        Tom says that I must create a new session with a different name
(now I only start a new session implicitly via session_register()).
Perhaps I am confused with the 'session' term. I thought that if I do
session_destroy() the session forget all the info, but if I check
session_id() before and after session_destroy() I see that the value is
the same.

        Thanks for your help,

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