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Hello All;

Please forgive me if I am repeating an often asked question, but I am having
a problem with sessions. I simply cannot get them to work.

The sample code I provide works on another server perfectly, this is the
first page:


$name = "hilde";
$pass = "mypassword";
echo "<h1>Session variables set!</h1>";
echo "<a href=\"page2.php\">go to next page</a>";


When called, the following file arrives in /tmp:



So obviously the session file is being created.
However, when I go to page2.php?PHPSESSID=f9c5e87b35ae66eac64a9a346321b269
Which has this code:

echo "<h1>The password of $name is $pass </h1>";


I get "The Password of is "

As a response. Both pages work perfectly on another server, so I am having
trouble finding the problem, especially since the session file is actually
created in /tmp

My PHP.ini file is standard to a RedHat RPM install, but I will include it
as an attachment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Mike Hillyer

Sounds like one server has registered globals on, and the other doesn't. Try changing your print statement like this:

print '<h1>The password of ' . $_SESSION['name'] is ' . $_SESSION['pass'] . '</h1>';

If you were displaying all errors and *warnings* (error_reporting (E_ALL)), it would have caught something like this.


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