On Sun, 17 Mar 2002, Markus Falk wrote:
> I run a script on my page that has worked fine before with 4.0.3 but now
> when my provider has upgraded to 4.1.2,  a bunch of error messages appear. I
> get some messages about variables not being defined just as if I can't send
> variables via the adressbar (/ ../index.php?$kat=0 for example. ) How come
> they suddenly appear as not being defined?
> I also get a lot of messages saying "PHP Warning: Undefined offset: 1 in
> /home/f/falk/public_html/index.php on line 148"
> What does it mean that I have an undefined offset?

If you try to, say, print $arr[1] and there is no element in $arr with 
index '1', then you've got an undefined offset situation.

You might want to read 


to see how you can control at runtime which errors are displayed. 
Alternatively, perhaps a lot of fellow customers are having the same 
issue, and so it might be worth it for your provider to change this 


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