If you want to do this the hard way (for you) then you can create a form 
which asks for the number of rows/columns and pops up another form with 
a table and rows x columns input boxes - then you can build the table 
code and maybe even insert it in the original code via JavaScript 
(assuming that the whole tables module would be a popup from the main 
text editing page).

You may want to take a look at nl2br() and htmlspecialchars() so they 
don't mess up your tables. htmlspecialchars() would obviously inhibit 
bold and italics rendering.

Be warned though that this will never end - they'll need table editing 
next, then they'll want to be able to delete rows/columns, insert 
rows/columns, merge cells, split cells, set background colors, styles 
and whatnot... ;-)



mikeyb wrote:

>I am completely stuck, and I am preying that someone will be able to help me.
>I have set up a php web form that allows one of my users to write columns for my 
>site.  This works great, I do a search and replace to replace /n with <br> because 
>they don't know much about html.  I have managed to get them into the habit of using 
>bold, italics and underline tags, but now a few of them want to add tables and I have 
>no idea how I can make this easy for them.
>Has anyone got any idea how I could allow them to do this, or perhaps know of a 
>system that could be of some benefit, keeping in mind their minimal html expertise?
>Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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