I think you have to draw a line somewhere... you can't give them
everything they want, becasue the costs involved in making these
"simple" tools available is massive.  And at every step where you give
them more control, you lose a little more control.

Do you REALLY want them creating tables?  This could result in more
bugs, more code problems, poor presentation, etc etc.

That aside, if they just want simple columns, I guess you could have a
process where the select how many columns, the widths, etc etc, then
supply the content.

Also, if they wanted tables to display spreadsheet style data, it's
possible someone has created a small program which munch's up a CSV file
(comma separated file, which can be exported from programs such as
Excel), and spits it out into a table.

It couldn't be *that* hard to make one from scratch either.

It depends on what they want to achieve by using tables.

Justin French

mikeyb wrote:
> I am completely stuck, and I am preying that someone will be able to help me.
> I have set up a php web form that allows one of my users to write columns for my 
>site.  This works great, I do a search and replace to replace /n with <br> because 
>they don't know much about html.  I have managed to get them into the habit of using 
>bold, italics and underline tags, but now a few of them want to add tables and I have 
>no idea how I can make this easy for them.
> Has anyone got any idea how I could allow them to do this, or perhaps know of a 
>system that could be of some benefit, keeping in mind their minimal html expertise?
> Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
> Peace

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