I'm receiving "Parse error: parse error, expecting
`T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING' in /host/plugged/index.php on line 3" error
when trying to require_once a couple of files.

top of index.php looks like so (line 3 is where I use $homeDir .
require_once($homeDir . "/common/header.php");

contents of homedir.php is
if (getenv(SERVER_ADDR) == "")
 $homeDir = "C:/home/plugged";
// $homeDir = dirname(__FILE__);
 $homeDir = "/home/plugged";

As you can see I've tried 2 different things in the else statement, I've
even commented out the whole if statement leaving only the else statement &
it still bombs.  This works perfectly well on my test server & it seemed to
be working just fine a couple days ago.  Only thing that I can think of is
the fact that I added a couple other variables to homedir.php, but none have
anywhere near the same variable name as $homeDir.  I'm not even sure what
the T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING error is & I'm guessing it's an error or else
why would it stop my page from loading?


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