> I'm receiving "Parse error: parse error, expecting
> `T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING' in /host/plugged/index.php on line 3" error

This parse error states that the path to the script that generates the error
is /host/plugged...

> contents of homedir.php is
> <?php
> if (getenv(SERVER_ADDR) == "")
> {
>  $homeDir = "C:/home/plugged";
> }else{
> // $homeDir = dirname(__FILE__);
>  $homeDir = "/home/plugged";
> }
> ?>

... while this file uses the directory /home/plugged.

Is this intentional or are they both meant to be the same?

A  parse error will be reported on the line AFTER a require(_once) if the
required file does not exist. That's why I'm suspecting that file
homedir.php does not exist in the same directory as index.php.



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