I need some experienced people to become managers of the CGI Open Source
Foundry (COSF)?

I am planning to make a CGI Open Source Foundry

We will start in stages.

Stage 1 getting initial members (Hard Part)
    - Once we gain 10-20 members we will start stage 2.

Stage 2 Dividing them into groups (members can be in multiple groups)
    - Managers - Head(s) of the specific groups.
    - GUI - Members with strong webdesigner skills
    - Database
    - File Wizards - Good with file manipulation
    - Clean-up - Clean up the source
    - General Developers
    - Resource - Find servers to host this
    - Marketers - Those who will distribute the scripts.
    - Newbies/Learners
    - Webmasters - See Stage 5

Stage 3 Finding/Creating a Groupware script that will allow us to all to
work on single or multiple scripts.

Stage 4 Decide what would be the perfect first project.  This project may be
an existing one in the makes with high potential, or something from scratch.
(Ten people on one script may sound crazy but I think it will work if we
planned it out.)

Stage 5 Making the main site.  The site will include a place to Release and
Plan all our scripts.  I have my eye on SourceForge.net as host.

After the first stages well start making other scripts that will be of use.

If your interested or have comments than your input would be appreciated.

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