The objective of this foundry is to develop scripts that will be usefull to

We will be producing scripts from scratch when we have a good script in
mind, but most of the time we will be working on scripts with high potential
that a member has created..

What I mean by marketers is people who are incharge of distributing the
script.  Thus most of their time will be spent "marketing".

"David Duong" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I need some experienced people to become managers of the CGI Open Source
> Foundry (COSF)?
> I am planning to make a CGI Open Source Foundry
> We will start in stages.
> Stage 1 getting initial members (Hard Part)
>     - Once we gain 10-20 members we will start stage 2.
> Stage 2 Dividing them into groups (members can be in multiple groups)
>     - Managers - Head(s) of the specific groups.
>     - GUI - Members with strong webdesigner skills
>     - Database
>     - File Wizards - Good with file manipulation
>     - Clean-up - Clean up the source
>     - General Developers
>     - Resource - Find servers to host this
>     - Marketers - Those who will distribute the scripts.
>     - Newbies/Learners
>     - Webmasters - See Stage 5
> Stage 3 Finding/Creating a Groupware script that will allow us to all to
> work on single or multiple scripts.
> Stage 4 Decide what would be the perfect first project.  This project may
> an existing one in the makes with high potential, or something from
> (Ten people on one script may sound crazy but I think it will work if we
> planned it out.)
> Stage 5 Making the main site.  The site will include a place to Release
> Plan all our scripts.  I have my eye on as host.
> After the first stages well start making other scripts that will be of
> If your interested or have comments than your input would be appreciated.

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