At 18.03.2002  13:18, you wrote:
>I know I shouldn't be asking these questions on this mailing list but
>you guys are ALWAYS EXTREMELY helpful...
>1) I want a a text link to change color when the mouse is hovering over
>top of it.  How do I do this?  Im sure it's some CSS thingy.

You´re right, and as others mentioned earlier, this lsit is not
the right place.

>2) Is it possible to make a "text field" smaller when using forms.
>Let's say I'm using font size 1, I want the text field to be just as
>small as the rest of text.
>Thanks again!!!!

It can be done with CSS, but as a fast tip
if your text has font size="1" use font size="0" for your text input field.
Test also the variation of font size"+0" and "-0" sounds silly, but makes 
As general text field 1 step smaller makes a good job.
But as W3C recommends, try to start CSS, this makes designer´s life much 
easier ;)
HTH Oliver

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