On Tue, 19 Mar 2002, Kris Vose wrote:
> How would you write a regular expression that defines a phone number:  ex. 
> In other words how would you check to see if there were three numerics surrounded by 
>(), then three numerics with a "-", then four numerics.
> This is what I have so far as a regular expression.
> ^[(000-999)]+[000-999\-]+[0000-9999]+$
> I am using this in an if statement like this:
> If (!eregi("^[(000-999)]+[000-999\-]+[0000-9999]+$", $PHONENUMBER)
> {
> echo "This phone number is not valid";
> }

Aside from the fact that your regexp isn't valid (look for a little 'n' in
the documentation), you might want to consider just stripping the number
down to digits (ereg_replace('[^0-9]', '', $number)) and then testing to
make sure that has 10 digits (11 if the first figit is a 1) and doesn't
begin with 0.

Why force people to use your particular punctuation scheme?

Some people write:

   (202) 555-1212

There's no point in making them jump through hoops just to save 2 lines of 
code. Sites that enforce silly things like that really turn me off.

You can always impose your preferred formatting after verifying the raw 
number's validity.


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