I need help -

I'm having a problem, Everyone using the new explorer 6 seems to be having
problems with a certain part of my site. We are using PHP's graphic library,
but instead of creating images using PHP (which we can do but they suck),
we're using the library to reference existing images.

The 102342143 part conveys meaning ONLY to our encryption/decryption
logarithm.  If that number decrypts to the letter "a", then the image
"a.jpg" will be returned to the page while NEVER revealing the true file
name.  Further, the letter "a" could encrypt to an infinite number of values
we would use to reference the file.

Anyways this part is not working for people using explorer 6 and I can't
figure out why. I would really owe someone if they could take a look at it
and tell me what I'm missing.

To get to the part of the site that doesn't work under IE6, go to:

Then enter any email address, select "Quick Pick" and hit submit. You will
them be taken to the page that doesn't work.



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