Okay... Looks like I'm an idiot... I thought it was a PHP issue and its a
security thing with explorer. The people that are complaining must have the
new cookie feature set to high or more!


And Thanks for setting me straight!

> I need help -
> I'm having a problem, Everyone using the new explorer 6 seems to be having
> problems with a certain part of my site. We are using PHP's graphic library,
> but instead of creating images using PHP (which we can do but they suck),
> we're using the library to reference existing images.
> The 102342143 part conveys meaning ONLY to our encryption/decryption
> logarithm.  If that number decrypts to the letter "a", then the image
> "a.jpg" will be returned to the page while NEVER revealing the true file
> name.  Further, the letter "a" could encrypt to an infinite number of values
> we would use to reference the file.
> Anyways this part is not working for people using explorer 6 and I can't
> figure out why. I would really owe someone if they could take a look at it
> and tell me what I'm missing.
> To get to the part of the site that doesn't work under IE6, go to:
> http://www.iwinweekly.com
> Then enter any email address, select "Quick Pick" and hit submit. You will
> them be taken to the page that doesn't work.
> Thanks!!
> Chris

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