Using the options parameter will allow you to get rid of toolbarts and
scrollbars, but NOT the window's border, which the question was asking.


"Bvr" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> The 3rd parameter to JavaScript function allows you to
> disable a number of window elements every browser has,
> these include the toolbar (buttons), location, status, menubar,
> This functionality is provided by the most common browsers and versions
> (MSIE and Netscape) and will also work in Mozilla and Netscape 6.  I
> don't know about the JavaScript implementation in Opera, but if it
> supports JS it is likely to support these options too (or at least
> ingores them).
> bvr.
> Joe Webster wrote:
> >It only works in IE -- it makes use of the 'Full Screen' (F11) option and
> >tricks IE into doing so... hope you don't want it to work in NS, Opera...
> >anything else
> >

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