Thanks I have four PHP "WebPortals"  or what I use to calling BBS, but I
still don't have a clue about phpfx. Oh, well. Nor on a good site that shows
how to add color to my php code.

I am sorry that I am still usig I grew in the dark ages of 8-bit computers
when Atari 800 and Apple IIE where king. Thanks guys for the help, now I
have to choose which program is best.

on 3/20/02 8:26 PM, Ilia A. at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> You can also try FUDforum (
> Ilia
> On March 20, 2002 07:11 pm, Chuck \"PUP\" Payne wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I was looking at the PHP stuff, I saw something call phpfx,
>> but it not clear what it is or what it does. Has anyone mess with it?
>> Also I am looking for a php program that was written so that you can do a
>> BBS, I wanted to use Ultimate Bulletin Board, but they no longer support
>> the freeware verision, you have to pay almost $500 for it. The verision I
>> have the date is not Y2K, so the dates come out 19100. So I need to replace
>> the BBS, it was written with perl and I like to have something well you
>> guys know.
>> One last question for now. Is there a site that explain how to do list in
>> php with colors, I want to add color to my lists, when I do thinks now
>> there are so boring, with just white.
>> Thanks a head of time...By the way
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