Hello all

I'm working for an ISP and some weeks ago we noticed a problem
with PHP we never had before. Since then quite often the PHP
code is not interpreted, but displayed as plain text in the
browser window. The behavior is not reproduceable and not

We are running out of ideas and the problem is becoming a
pretty urgent one, because our customer's PHP hostings
are affected, too.

Again, everything was working fine until some weeks ago, so
there shouldn't be any simple configuration error. It sounds
pretty much like a faulty behaviour of either apache or PHP
under certain circumstances, which we don't know.

We are running apache 1.3.19 and PHP 4.0.4, rpm-installed
from the SUSE 7.1 Linux distribution.

We would be very glad if anyone in this list could either
help us directly or point us to more resources, which might
be helpful.

Please cc the answer to [EMAIL PROTECTED] Thank you very much
for reading!

Have a nice day

Sam Jordan, Switzerland

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