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On Thu, 21 Mar 2002, Sam Jordan wrote:

> Hello all
> I'm working for an ISP and some weeks ago we noticed a problem
> with PHP we never had before. Since then quite often the PHP
> code is not interpreted, but displayed as plain text in the
> browser window. The behavior is not reproduceable and not
> predictable.
> We are running out of ideas and the problem is becoming a
> pretty urgent one, because our customer's PHP hostings
> are affected, too.
> Again, everything was working fine until some weeks ago, so
> there shouldn't be any simple configuration error. It sounds
> pretty much like a faulty behaviour of either apache or PHP
> under certain circumstances, which we don't know.
> We are running apache 1.3.19 and PHP 4.0.4, rpm-installed
> from the SUSE 7.1 Linux distribution.
> We would be very glad if anyone in this list could either
> help us directly or point us to more resources, which might
> be helpful.
> Please cc the answer to [EMAIL PROTECTED] Thank you very much
> for reading!
> Have a nice day
> Sam Jordan, Switzerland
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