In this example: I'm trying to introduce the selection data from another
table in the database into this form.  The form is a simple form where
if missing any data, you're redirected back to the page to form but with
data filled in some areas that you had filled in before.

Now, instead of manually inputting the selection fields for subjects and
countries which will continually be updated, I've included a database
where in another form, if there's a new subject to be added to the
database, the user will go to a different form and fill in the new
subject. That works.

Now, I'm trying to call in those data and put it into the selection
option blocks - it doesn't' work, and I don't know why? I've created a
test page that calls in those option blocks on its own, and it works,
and the form with the manually-inputted subject titles or country titles
works on its own as well. Somehow the two doesn't mix well, and I'd
appreciate help in this matter.

Thanks in advance,

Laurie M. Landry

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