Anyone in here who managed to get xEmacs working with psgml-html and 
php-mode combined? If yes, which php-mode did you use and what did you do?

I use psgml-html and Turadg Aleahmad's php-mode 1.0.2 (I just tried it with 
Fred Yankowski, too, getting excactly the same results) and tried to 
combine both using mmm-mode 0.4.7.

So far it does work, however I cannot indent the embedded php-code at all...
:-( Pressing TAB in a line just causes its indentation to get lost, that
is, the line starts at column 1, no matter if it's in a statemant block or
somewhere else.

Is there any solution to that problem or is there any preferable way to edit
embedded PHP code with xEmacs? I'd really like to use psgml-html for the 
non-PHP-parts of the file as I really got used to it.


  Gunter Ohrner

The Supreme Life President of Hell wrote: "What business are we in???" He 
thought for a bit, and then carefully wrote, underneath: "We are in the 
damnation business!!!"        -- (Terry Pratchett, Eric)
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