Gunter Ohrner wrote:
> I use psgml-html and Turadg Aleahmad's php-mode 1.0.2 (I just tried it
> with Fred Yankowski, too, getting excactly the same results) and tried to
> combine both using mmm-mode 0.4.7.
> So far it does work, however I cannot indent the embedded php-code at
> all... :-( Pressing TAB in a line just causes its indentation to get lost, 

To answer my own question: Using the latest mmm-mode from CVS fixes that, 
indentation still is not perfect but it does at least work - and not too 
bad at all. :-)


  Gunter Ohrner

If the Creator had said, "Let there be light" in Ankh-Morpork, he'd have 
gotten no further because of all the people saying "What colour?"        -- 
(Terry Pratchett, Men At Arms)
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