Hi Warwick

I'd suggest looking at the PHP manual, it is available at

You can look for string functions in the manual.

If you were looking for a case insensitive comparision you could use
stristr, if you are looking for a case senstivie comparision you could use

<?php // code to see if john is in the variable
    $jeff =  'my name is john';

    if (stristr($jeff, 'john')) {
        print 'john is in the variable';
    } else {
        print 'john is not in the variable';

If you are trying to see if the variable is John then you could do this

    if ($jeff == 'John')) {
        print 'the variable is set to John';
    } else {
        print 'the variable is not set to John';

There are other ways to do this, this is just an example I created.

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> Hi
> Just learning php from the bottom. Can someone help with syntax please?
> Want to know about using ifs :
> If the string value "john" is present in the variable "jeff" then do, etc,
> etc. How do we see if a value is present in a string?
> Thanks
> Warwick

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