Currently I have Apache and PHP4 (using the Apache module for PHP4) working
just fine on my server.  However, the RPMs I installed for mod_php4 didn't
include IBM DB2 support.  So I took the source RPM and modified it by simply
adding the following line to the spec file:


I appended this to the CFLAGS parameter in the spec file.  I then rebuilt
the RPMs and everything built fine.  I then installed them and that was
fine.  However, when I try to restart Apache nothing happens.  It just exits
immediately with nothing written to any logs.  If I remove the
'--with-ibm-db2' flag from the spec file, rebuild the RPMs, then reinstall
them without DB2 support then Apache restarts fine and operates with no
problems.  DB2 is installed, configured, and running on the server.  I've
spent numerous hours (on the weekend none the less) trying to figure this
out, but with no luck.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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