As the previous poster said you need to have " around your value in your
input tag

Instead of <input type=text name=fname_eng size='20' maxlength='18'
value=Jason J> you need to be using <input type=text name=fname_eng
size='20' maxlength='18' value="Jason J">

Otherwise the browser is only displaying the first word, this is not a PHP
problem, this is a html coding mistake.

PHP Code Example:

<input type=text name=fname_eng size='20' maxlength='18' value="<?php echo
$_POST['fname']; ?>">

"Vlad Kulchitski" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
Hi continuing with the same issue I just found another bug in my code.
Basically I have a script myfile.php, based on codition it goes through
submit process STEP 1 through 4. It takes along the values it has collected


<input type=hidden name="name">


And so on, on the final stage it submits everything is has collected to the
database. What I noticed now is that if I type name with space, like "Mister
Simpson" or again like I mentioned before if I type a sentence in step 2 on
the final stage it gets lost. You can check how it works here:

If anyone knows how to overcome the problem, please help.


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Your input tag should look like this:
<input type="text" name="myvariable" value="Hello my name is Vlad">

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Can anyone suggest anything regarding the following problem.

Basically, I ask the user to type a few sentences, in
<input type=text name=name> and on the next page I show everything
s/he typed asking "Are you sure you want to submit this...

Once clicked "YES" all data is being taken to the next page for
FINAL submission to mysql. (all is done in one php script though)

But anyway, the problem is that when I see the final data in the
database, there's only 1 word from the sentence the used has typed
in, i.e if I submit "Hello my name is Vlad", the only word that will
end up in the database would be "Hello". What is the best solution to
overcome this?


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