try mucking around with the include path in php.ini
I've managed to get it to work, but then I've got to change it for other
reasons, then I can't remember how I had it before - next time I'll have to
remember to just comment out the line and create a new one...

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Hey PHP General List,

I have problem also with editplus. Well i have same as Martin has but
i get warning = " Unable to load dynamic library
'c:\web\php\extensions/php_java.dll' - The specified modyle could not
be found. " But what is interesting that php_java.dll is in the place
in that directory and it doesn't find it. Well any suggestions what
should i do ?



Got your email on:Sunday, March 24, 2002, 2:25:02 PM writing:

MT> Doesn't look like anyone's replied to this...

MT> I just have a button with the following parameters

MT> Menu Text: Parse w/ PHP4        -> I have a "Parse w/ PHP3" and "Parse
MT> PHP-GTK".... :)
MT> Command: C:\Program Files\httpd\php\php.exe
MT> Argument: $(FilePath)
MT> Initial directory: $(FileDir)

MT> and I have the "Capture output" checkbox selected

MT> Martin

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MT> From: Luca Grossi [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
MT> Sent: Sunday, March 24, 2002 2:00 PM
MT> Subject: [PHP] Using EditPlus with PHP

MT>                          I'm sorry if this question has been asked
MT> but could anyone give me instructions on how to debug and interpret php
MT> scripts using Edit Plus ? I download the php modules for edit plus so
MT> it recognise the syntax. But how do I setup the user tools , so I can
MT> for bugs in the script and run it

MT> Thanks

        Have A Nice Day! 
 Mantas Kriauciunas A.k.A mNTKz


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