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The error message refers to the "KundeRemark" in $val["KundeRemark"], not
"$KundeRemark" which you are trying to assign the result to.  The former is
(if it existed) an index, the latter is a variable.

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> "undefined variable" is when you try to use a variable before you set it,
> $foobar
> "undefined index" is when you try to reference an array index before you
> it, eg $foobar[10]

Hi, thank you both for the explanation. It's clear why I get the
these variables *are* for various reasons undefined at the moment. However, 
there are NO arrays involved, f.i. "KundeRemark" is NOT an array it's a
string variable created by

$KundeRemark       = stripslashes($val["KundeRemark"]);

which is a field from a SQL result which currently doesn't exist because I 
changed the connection to a different db where this field is named 
differently. So, it's undefined, fine. But why is it called "undefined
where it should be "undefined variable" ?

> Warning: Undefined index: KundeRemark in
> C:\Server\www\conadmin\admin-beta\lib\ on line
> 138



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