On Monday, March 25, 2002, at 02:52  PM, tom hilton wrote:

>  This is working fine for most users, but one user is telling me that 
> even
> though she is following the link from the index page, she's still 
> getting
> the error message,  and are being bounced back to the index page.  She 
> is
> using Internet Explorer 6.0.  Are there any security or privacy settings
> that might restrict use of the $HTTP_REFERER variable?  Or is there a 
> better
> way to make sure users follow links to pages, rather than bookmarking 
> and
> going straight to a page?  Thanks for any help you can give me.

I'm not sure about Internet Explorer 6's use of HTTP headers, but the 
"referer" header in the HTTP protocol is not required by any user 
agent.  Legally, IE6 can choose not to send it, and still be in complete 
compliance with HTTP.

There may not be an easy way to do what you want.  One possible solution 
is to make the typical "calls itself" PHP page and display certain 
content based on certain variables being present, and use POST variables 
so that they do not appear in the URL.  The problem with this is that it 
requires a ton of code to "wrap" your content in the 'protective' 
index.html layer, and also you would have to use form buttons rather 
than hyperlinks (unless you used post_to_host(), see archives if you're 
not sure what I mean).



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