I sort of do the same here,... think you'll find that index.html is the
'default index' for a directory when a page isn't specified on your web
server and that she's going to

Hope this helps.


"Tom Hilton" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi, I am using the $HTTP_REFERER variable to ensure that users of a
> are getting to a certain page through a link from the index.html page, and
> not going straight to the page through a bookmark.
> $page=$HTTP_REFERER;
> if ($page!="";)
>   {
>   echo "<h3>Please log in through the home page</h3><br>";
>   echo "<META HTTP-EQUIV='Refresh'
> CONTENT='1;URL='>";
>   }
>  This is working fine for most users, but one user is telling me that even
> though she is following the link from the index page, she's still getting
> the error message,  and are being bounced back to the index page.  She is
> using Internet Explorer 6.0.  Are there any security or privacy settings
> that might restrict use of the $HTTP_REFERER variable?  Or is there a
> way to make sure users follow links to pages, rather than bookmarking and
> going straight to a page?  Thanks for any help you can give me.

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