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The RFC says that there is no limit on the size of the request.  But, I
remember reading that the "real world" maximum is 2048 characters, which I
believe is a hard limit on some clients.

I also recall reading that there is an RFC that suggests limiting the
request to 255 characters.

It appears that you might be submitting a lot of data.  If that's the case,
you should really have your application determine the information to be
submitted and then store/create them as hidden values in a form.  That way,
not only will you have no problems with length, but you don't have to worry
about the client caching it.

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Sorry for this quick OT question --

I'm skimming thru the HTTP spec but can't find anything that defines the 
character limit in GET requests.  I'm writing a form that uses GET to 
send data to my PHP script, but I'm afraid that if the user enters too 
many characters then some will get cut off.  Does anyone know the actual 

If not, is there a generally-accepted maximum that is used (to assure 
compatibility with most user agents and servers)?



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