On Tuesday, March 26, 2002, at 11:47  AM, Darren Gamble wrote:

> It appears that you might be submitting a lot of data.  If that's the 
> case,
> you should really have your application determine the information to be
> submitted and then store/create them as hidden values in a form.  That 
> way,
> not only will you have no problems with length, but you don't have to 
> worry
> about the client caching it.

I wanted to use GET rather than POST method so that users could bookmark 
the results of the form -- it is essentially a search engine for a MySQL 
database.  The form has built-in limits to how long the inputs can be, 
and in fact most of the inputs are really <select> listboxes and not 
text-style inputs, so I'm not really worried about having TOO many 
characters -- but it could get over 255, which is exactly the number 
that I thought I had read was a maximum.

Thanks for the reply, Darren.  2048 seems like a workable limit to me.  
But I'm curious about your suggestion -- how would I get the user 
inputted data into hidden form variables without submitting the form in 
the first place?



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