OK. I don't know how I can be more specific, but I will try. I have used
fopen(ftp://url) to upload files to the FTP server from a web form, however
this fails on files over 5k in size.

I do not have the FTP functions installed on the server I will be using.

I simply want to know how I would use the raw FTP commands with an
fsockopen() function. I know how to use this to connect to the file server,
change directories, etc.. The question is how do I use the fsocket() with
raw FTP commands to upload a file? Is that not specific?

"Analysis & Solutions" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi Chris:
> > Yes. Your solutions fails for any file over 5k about 99% of the time.
> > server I use does not have the FTP functions installed so I cannot use
> I wouldn't really call it "your solution," since it's really "the
> solution."  FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol.  If you don't have a
> file, you don't have FTP.  Your initial post didn't say you didn't have
> the FTP functions available.
> > that is why I am looking to this solution.
> Uh, care to share which solution you're talking about?  The only way we
> can help you is if you start geting specific.  Clearly and thoroughly
> explain the methods you're using.  Even better, include the code that's
> not working.
> Another option is to forget the files and FTP alltogether, switching to
> sockets instead.  PHP has some new functions for this, but, again, your
> server may not have them up.  If that's the case, can you use Perl?
> Enjoy,
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