> I am probably wrong about this, but I thought that you could register 
> session variables using this technique only if you are using 
> PHP 4.1.x 
> and you use the format:
> $_SESSION['v_s'] = 500;

The key point is the register_globals setting in php.ini. If it is set to
on, then register variables this way, regardless of the version:

$v_s = 500;

If it is set to off, then do as above, assuming your version is new enough
to support the new array $_SESSION[]:

$_SESSION['v_s'] = 500;

The array $_SESSION[] is pretty new, maybe 4.1.2? Even with this new array,
you can still use the old method for registering variables. Also, in a
recent release, or else coming up shortly, the default setting for
register_globals will be changed from "on" to "off".


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