Thanks for the reply.  I saw this as well in the mailing list archives, but
everyone is saying you cannot output ANYTHING before calling header.

Unfortunately, I'm calling this at the end of a process, so it won't work.
It tells me I've already sent out header information.

I've basically created a single PHP page with a form.  When the form is
submitted, it submits to itself.  It checks if the form is submitted, and
then goes to mail the contents to someone.  After mailing, I want to go to a
Thank You page.  I want to get away from this PHP page, because I don't want
a person refreshing the page and causing the PHP page to submit again.

Thus, is there something else I can do?  Or am I just not seeing this?


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> header("Location: http://www.google.com";);
> replace that url with the page you want it to go to

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