I now recall that ColdFusion's location tag accepts no data parameters, so
you can't pass data to it.  It is essentially a redirect.  Thus, it may be
doing an HTTP header location under the hood.

In ColdFusion, I may have logic like so:
<cfset num=0>
     <!-- whitespace -->
<cfif (num = 1)>
    <location url="gohere.cfm">

I don't get any errors, so I think it buffers the entire output first and
then throws away if it determines if it needs to go elsewhere.

In PHP, it would look something like this:

num = 0;
           <!-- whitespace -->
if (num = 1) {
    header("location: gohere.php");

This will not run, because of the whitespace.  I presume PHP immediately
begins the http/html stream as soon as it sees non-php code.

In ColdFusion, it doesn't care about the whitespace.
In PHP, it does care about the whitespace.

That is what I discovered in my original problem.  I had a whitespace
between the php identifiers.  I simply closed off the whitespace, and I was

Thanks for clarifying all this.


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> > Hi Mr. Lerdorf,
> > I look forward to you upcoming O'Reilly PHP book. =)
> >
> > Yes, a META tag refresh or Javascript control seems to be the only way
> > Strange that URL redirection is so unusual to implement in PHP compared
> > ASP or Coldfusion (unless they do something klunky under the hood).
> They do. There is no magic here. If you want output on a page and also do
> a redirect, the only way to do it is with a javascript meta-refresh (well,
> you can do some tricks with frames as well, but I lump those tricks under
> Javascript redirects). I don't care what ASP of Cold Fusion tells you, if
> they allow you to send some data for the page and then redirect, then they
> are either doing a Javascript meta-refresh or simply tossing your data and
> doing a Location redirect.
> If you have no output, then you can use a Location redirect.  What ASP and
> Cond Fusion might do is buffer your output and simply throw it away if you
> then at some point do a Location redirect.  That seems kind of silly to me
> though.  It seems like a mistake to me to just chuck away output data like
> that.  You can do that with PHP as well by turning on output buffering.
> You can send all sorts of output after a Location redirect, but there will
> be no browser around to see it because it has already received the
> Location redirect and is off viewing the other page.
> > Anyway, I also noticed that when the manual says you cannot output
> > I found out that if I close out all my spaces in the PHP page by
> > the php container tags, I will not output anything first.  I forgot that
> > even whitespace would be considered a web page and would generate http
> > headers (since the PHP processor probably translates whitespace as
> > echo/print statements).
> Yup, a space is as valid a character as any other.
> -Rasmus
> PS. One of the things with PHP is that we have never gone out of our way
> to hide the actual mechanics of HTTP very much from the users.  I think it
> is important for people to actually understand what is going on.  That's
> why we don't have a redirect() function but instead tell you to send an
> HTTP header called Location.  Because that is what needs to happen under
> the covers.

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