Here's the situation.

I run the website for a macintosh user folding@home team.

We are providing certificates for users who have done a signifigant amount
of work for the team.

I have jpeg templates and I'm using ImageTTFBBox and ImageTTFText to write
the username of the user on the certificate.

Some of the more "artistic" mac users have noticed some pixelation on the
I'm looking for a way to clean that up.

Is there a way to use Postscript fonts with php?
I looked at the ImageMagik php extension, and it looks like it is still
quite early in development.

I haven't used ImageMagik much, but would an exec() call to the real
ImageMagick and then have php display what it does be a solution to this?
(yes- I know exec() isn't as good as pure php but hey-)

If you want to see it for yourself, look at the images produced by the
usernames with links at

The source to the image generation is at

I'm currently using php 4.1.2 with GD-2 and FreeType 2 support (x86 Linux
Apache DSO)

Different matter, is there a way to pass the username to the php script
from a hyperlink w/o needing a ?name=blah in the link?

It would be cool if the script could just end in .jpeg opposed to
(in that directory apache handled .jpeg as if it was .php)

Thanks for any suggestions!

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