This is a bug in GD2 - When you use Truecolor images with GD2,
anti-aliasing of ttf fonts break.  This is fixed in GD-2.0.2.  You don't
seem to have all that many colours on those certificates.  Try simply
using an indexed image just to see the real quality you can get with
GD+TTF before switching.

The patches to fix this are available privately, but you should bug the
folks at to release a new version of GD2.


On Tue, 26 Mar 2002, Michael A. Peters wrote:

> Here's the situation.
> I run the website for a macintosh user folding@home team.
> We are providing certificates for users who have done a signifigant amount
> of work for the team.
> I have jpeg templates and I'm using ImageTTFBBox and ImageTTFText to write
> the username of the user on the certificate.
> Some of the more "artistic" mac users have noticed some pixelation on the
> text.
> I'm looking for a way to clean that up.
> Is there a way to use Postscript fonts with php?
> I looked at the ImageMagik php extension, and it looks like it is still
> quite early in development.
> I haven't used ImageMagik much, but would an exec() call to the real
> ImageMagick and then have php display what it does be a solution to this?
> (yes- I know exec() isn't as good as pure php but hey-)
> If you want to see it for yourself, look at the images produced by the
> usernames with links at
> The source to the image generation is at
> I'm currently using php 4.1.2 with GD-2 and FreeType 2 support (x86 Linux
> Apache DSO)
> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
> Different matter, is there a way to pass the username to the php script
> from a hyperlink w/o needing a ?name=blah in the link?
> It would be cool if the script could just end in .jpeg opposed to
> .jpeg?name=blah
> (in that directory apache handled .jpeg as if it was .php)
> Thanks for any suggestions!
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