Hi all,

My company is considering a move from static to db
driven site. 

I am looking for a solution to allow URL's to be
structured in "search engine friendly" format [i.e.
http://website.com/region/article/article_id ] as
search engine traffic is very important.

I have found some great resources for doing this on
apache but nothing for IIS. I think there is a
solution if php is ISAPI module, but I have heard that
this is quite unstable.

I would like to use mySQL as the db (majority of
selects will be simple selects)

Currently our site is on a windows server and with a
recent (large) investment in an ASP/MSSQL db project
they do not want to move from IIS. I'm not familiar
with ASP so I'd rather not go that route.

We are a news site with about 6000 articles and 15-20
additions each day. 600,000 monthly page views growing
by @ 40,000 per month.

Thanks much,

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