In my experiances ASP didn't handle this task well.  I would suggest looking
at to see how they accomplish what you are attempting.  It
isn't as pretty as Apache handles it but their's works.  They accomplish it
by sending the files via querystring and then parsing out the querystring to
produce the pages.  If you have any experiance with Search engines you will
know that most engines don't like querystrings all that much and they won't
retain the querystrings in most cases.  MS does a detect to determine that
you are a user and then shuttles you along to a pretty page with everything
wrapped around the information.

The only thing I could figure out when I attempted this in ASP and tried to
do it the anti querystring method was to write a single file for each page
that made the call to the database.  These files where simple one liners
that called upon the DB to display the information.  They were also
autogenerated by the application that I wrote for users to input the data.

IMO Apache is far superior to IIS is setting this up (and to think I started
as an IIS/ASP buff).  Just make sure that you send the browser the correct
headers when creating these pages or the search engine will believe that it
is still receiving a 404 error.


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Subject: [PHP] db driven site on IIS

> Hi all,
> My company is considering a move from static to db
> driven site.
> I am looking for a solution to allow URL's to be
> structured in "search engine friendly" format [i.e.
> ] as
> search engine traffic is very important.
> I have found some great resources for doing this on
> apache but nothing for IIS. I think there is a
> solution if php is ISAPI module, but I have heard that
> this is quite unstable.
> I would like to use mySQL as the db (majority of
> selects will be simple selects)
> Currently our site is on a windows server and with a
> recent (large) investment in an ASP/MSSQL db project
> they do not want to move from IIS. I'm not familiar
> with ASP so I'd rather not go that route.
> We are a news site with about 6000 articles and 15-20
> additions each day. 600,000 monthly page views growing
> by @ 40,000 per month.
> Thanks much,
> olinux
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