just a quick query, hopefully someone can help (sorry for these repeat
schooboy questions)

re classes-

Can you create an instance of a class and use its 'value' within an instance
of another instance of the same class?

For example I have created two classes- html.class and db.class

I am creating an instance of the db.class to give an array containing the
rows from a table.

I would like to create a table using my HTML.class and using a while loop
create a <tr> using the date collected from each row in my db.class.

This all works fine.
However when I embed this newly created table into a cell of another table
created with html.class, the table is still created but it does not appear
in the cell, but outside of the desired table- so I have two tables side by
side instead of one table embedded within the cell of another?

Is this a code/ syntax issue or have I misunderstood the scope of classes?


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