It sounds like a problem with your HTML output.

First, look at the source of the generated page, and find out if your html 
is formatted correctly.  Then look at the php code to find out the problem.

-Jason Garber

At 04:44 PM 3/28/2002 -0800, Caspar Kennerdale wrote:
>just a quick query, hopefully someone can help (sorry for these repeat
>schooboy questions)
>re classes-
>Can you create an instance of a class and use its 'value' within an instance
>of another instance of the same class?
>For example I have created two classes- html.class and db.class
>I am creating an instance of the db.class to give an array containing the
>rows from a table.
>I would like to create a table using my HTML.class and using a while loop
>create a <tr> using the date collected from each row in my db.class.
>This all works fine.
>However when I embed this newly created table into a cell of another table
>created with html.class, the table is still created but it does not appear
>in the cell, but outside of the desired table- so I have two tables side by
>side instead of one table embedded within the cell of another?
>Is this a code/ syntax issue or have I misunderstood the scope of classes?
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