I am trying to add error trapping to my site.  In particular I want to
direct visitors to an error page when for what ever reason a MySQL
connection can not be made.  Rather than a page full of errors I want a
generic 'we are temporarily closed performing maintenance etc.. etc'

Basically after a failed mysql_connect attempt I want a redirection to this
error page.  I have searched the PHP site and mailing lists and I have seen
a few solutions.

In particular I found the use of ob_start() before the header info is send
on the page then the use of the follow for the redirect:

if($dbfail) {

header("Location: http://".$SERVER_NAME."/closed.php";);
exit;  // Halt the rest of the page from loading


I have also thought about just using a mysql_connect test in the header of
each page that I have a mysql query in and have the redirect there.  I want
to have such an include any way to add some generic functions to call from
anywhere as well.

My only concern is that I am adding another mysql_connect and I don't want
to slow things down any (things are blazing fast now but I want to keep it
that way).

It would be really nice if there was a one line function that could do this.
I also use Lasso and they have a simple [URL_Redirect:'http://domain.com']
tag which does the job.

I am also unfamiliar with the output buffer functions even after reading up
on them in the manual.  If I call ob_start() at the start of my page do I
need to call a closing ob function after my $dbfail code if the connection
is successful and my redirect ob_end_clean(); call is not made?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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