>> not really ambiguous,
> (actually, that's what I was saying, that they are -less- ambiguous, 
> and more specific, but no big deal on that little matter). 

ok, misunderstood

> Every time I try to use one of these functions, I get an error message 
> from my browser (not from PHP) that the attempt to load the URL 
> failed.  Is this a sign of running into memory problems?  If so, what 
> can I do about it?  It seems that the only file-reading function that 
> doesn't create this error message in my script is fgets(), but as soon 
> as I try to implode the lines I pulled with fgets() into one string, I 
> get the error message again.  In other words, every time I try to pull 
> my XSL file into my script, it happens.
> (I would not have imagined I would run out of memory b/c I have 
> php.ini set to 16M per script and the XSL file is only 8kB, though the 
> script does do a lot of things.)
> Anybody know what's going on here? 

Try not to use MSIE when developing or install the debug thingie, 
otherwise you will not get sensible feedback on what went wrong during 
page load..

Anyway, it's probably not the memory limit, because in that case PHP 
reports an error..

Did you even enable-memory-limit ?? If you did, use can try this with 
your httpd.conf :

Add somewhere global :
LogFormat "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b %{mod_php_memory_usage}n" php

Add to mainserver/virtualhost:
CustomLog /usr/local/apache/logs/access_log php

This adds an extra value to the access log entries that indicates the 
largest number of bytes of memory used by the script at a time.


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