How about a hierarchical tree?  Strip the common precursor stuff
([http[s]://][www.]) and proceed from there, splitting on '.', '/', '?' and

I would also put a Yahoo-style split-level back-out link on the page, ie
            article2001.html    (1 ref  4000 views)
            article2002.html    (1 ref  2500 views)
           [article2003.php]   (4 refs  6600 views)
            article2004.html    (1 ref  800 views)
(where [text] indicates a hyperlink)

Combine this with your restrictor text box and N-items-per-page and it
should be reasonably navigable.

> I have over 26000 urls in a table. They are all urls and query strings of
> hits to the same 10 - 20 sites.
> I need to have a way to allow the user to select one of these, and then do
> some processing on it, and I'm struggling to find a way.
> I did have a select dropdown with a list of them, but that has become
> unmanageable, even when coupled with a restrictor text box. For example,
> user types 'david' in the restrictor, and then the dropdown only lists
> urls with '%david%'
> Has anyone got a genius way of allowing the user to select one easily and
> without having to download all 26000.

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