On Fri, 29 Mar 2002, Alastair Battrick wrote:
> I have over 26000 urls in a table. They are all urls and query strings of
> hits to the same 10 - 20 sites.
> I need to have a way to allow the user to select one of these, and then do
> some processing on it, and I'm struggling to find a way.
> I did have a select dropdown with a list of them, but that has become
> unmanageable, even when coupled with a restrictor text box. For example, the
> user types 'david' in the restrictor, and then the dropdown only lists those
> urls with '%david%'
> Has anyone got a genius way of allowing the user to select one easily and
> without having to download all 26000.

It depends on how the people will be approaching the data, I guess.

Maybe you could work out a tree, where first they pick between .com, .org, 
.net, .gr, whatever, and then they pick the prior term in the domain name, 
then they pick the first term after the slash, etc.?


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