I'm using Apache-win-php4.1.3 and can't create session variables by using session_start() and $_SESSION['.......']. I'm new to php, please help.
Next week I tried php4.1.1 and all was working well. Now, I'm using php4.1.2,  as an Apache module and with session.use_trans_sid=1,register_globals=off  in php.ini, I can't redirect a page to another and access the $_SESSION['variables'] defined in the 1st document. All codes that were working correctly first now do not.
es. pageone.php
   header( "Location: anotherpage.php?".SID);
   print $_SESSION['var'];
N.B: I got a warning: undefined index : var; and make some controls I noticed that $_SESSION['var'] is not set in the anotherpage.php. And in pageone.php, $_SESSION['var'] is set as a normal variable but not a session variable because all files (sess_21ae6dg34............) in the temp directory are EMPTY.....EMPTY......
$_SESSION isset but $_SESSION['.......'] exits in a page as a normal variable but not a session variable.
Please help me. Thank u.
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